Somebody Cares New England

Lowell, Massachusetts Update

Our God is an awesome God!
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The weather trend had been hot & humid with rain
threatened... up until today! God gave us an
incredible day, with the temperature dropping all day
from possible mid 70's up until 10am and currently a
mild 65degrees at 5pm!

The New Challenge Men's Home & Justice House of Prayer
in the Lowell area provided a small army of volunteers
to unload the truck & load up the receiving agencies
who arrived for the cleaning supplies & paper goods
that were on this truck from Utica, NY. There is
still a need for food and we are still waiting to hear
from some of our other partners who can possibly
provide another truck this week.

Somebody Cares New England (SCNE) has partnered with a
large local charity organization for the use of their
receiving dock to facilitate the unloading of these
supplies. The last agency from Derry, New Hampshire
arrived just in time to keep us from having to load
everything up in the 'lovingly used' Box Truck to
evacuate the loading dock today. Our prayer is that
each agency is able to benefit the needy people
recovering from this devastation. Finances are needed
as we seek to provide deliveries of resources from
around the country. Anything you give financially to
the heart of this effort is immediately used to impact
lives, both here in the New England Area as well as
the newly existing needs in the Indonesian communities
affected by last week's earthquake and pending
volcanic activity. Please consider coming alongside us
in this opportunity to be a blessing and in the midst
of tribulation to have an occassion for our testimony.

In the middle of all this, Marlene Yeo, director of
SCNE is still having to manage significant issues in
her family life. Please pray for Divine Wisdom as she
makes decisions which God can use to bring the Church
to the frontlines of Service delivery and the place
where hurting hearts can find Hope and know that
Somebody Cares.

And now for a 'warm fuzzy' moment (as Pastor Doug
likes to share with us)... As we were loading a truck
today, a young couple walked by pushing a stroller and
asked if the supplies were for flood victims. I
assured them that they were, and they said "Good,
because we lost our home and are up next on a list to
receive a place to live." As they walked away, I felt
the Holy Spirit kick-starting me into gear and I
chased them down and introduced myself to Dave & his
wonderful family. We prayed there on the sidewalk, and
Dave's expression was much different after we prayed
as he walked away encouraged. If the Lord places this
couple on your heart, let's agree that they have the
opportunity to have a wonderful relationship with
Jesus and know that Somebody Cares.

En Cristo,
Max & Somebody Cares America
(I feel your prayers! We're in this together!)



Purchase supplies that you need early!
Don't wait for a storm. When a storm threatens, lines will be long and supplies short.
Most of the items assembled in this kit can be used for any emergency situation.
Hurricane kit
Assemble this now and put aside in a special box. Keep heat-sensitive items inside the home and rotate stock throughout the season. Batteries can go in the refrigerator.

Flashlights and extra bulbs
Clock (wind-up or battery-operated)
Battery-operated radio
Extra batteries
Toilet paper
Matches (Look in camping stores for waterproof matches)
Plastic garbage bags
Working fire extinguisher
An inexpensive rabbit-ears television antenna to use when cable goes out
Clean change of clothes, rain gear, sturdy swamp boots you would not mind throwing away
Fully charged battery-operated lanterns. Don't use candles and kerosene lanterns. They are fire hazards.
Map of the area
List of phone numbers
Copy of insurance policy
Emergency toilet
Garbage can with tight lid
Plastic bags for liners
Disinfectant or bleach
Extra toilet paper

Baby needs
Disposable diapers
Diaper-rash ointment
Baby medicines
Medicine dropper
Extra formula, baby food

Food supplies
Get enough nonperishable foods now for two weeks. Then put them in a box and leave them alone.
Note: Canned and other prepared foods that are salty or dry or high in fat or protein might make for good provisions but they'll make you thirsty.

Water: 2 quarts to 1 gallon per person per day (get a week's supply); have extra for mixing powdered drinks
Ice or dry ice
Shelf-stable juice and milk boxes
Canned and powdered milk
Beverages (powdered or canned), fruit juices, instant coffee, tea
Raw vegetables that don't need refrigeration (will last only a few days)
Canned vegetables and fruits
Dried fruits
Prepared foods (canned soups, beef, spaghetti, tuna, chicken, ham, corned beef hash, packaged pudding)
Snacks (crackers, cookies, hard candy, unsalted nuts)
Snack spreads (peanut butter, cheese spreads, jelly)
Sugar, salt, pepper
Dry and canned pet food
Extra formula or baby food
Kitchen supplies
Waterless hand sanitizer
Manual can opener
Water purification tablets
Bottle opener
Matches in a plastic bag
Pocket knife
Plastic bags, jugs or containers for water and ice
Camp stove or other cooking device and plenty of fuel. Use only canned fuel indoors - never charcoal or gas. Buy extra gas or charcoal to use in well-ventilated space after storm has passed.
Ice chests or coolers
Paper plates, napkins, plastic cups, plastic utensils
Disposable pans for cookingHardware
Hand tools: hammer and screwdrivers to use now, shovel and pickax for after the storm
Power screwdriver
4-by-8-foot sheets of plywood 5/8-inches thick to put over your windows
Quarter-inch machine screw sockets and screws
Plastic sheeting to cover furniture
Sturdy working gloves
Duct tape to waterproof items; Masking tape isn't strong enough
Canvas tarps
Nails. There are many kinds, so look over your home now and determine what you will need. A nail too small, the wrong shape or hammered in wrong will fail and that will give the storm the breach it needs to get into your home.
First-aid kit
Drugstores will be mobbed just before a storm and closed for days after. Keep a two-week supply of prescription drugs. Your first-aid kit should include:

Medical supplies

First-aid handbook
Insect repellent sprays
Citronella candles
Insect bite lotion
Petroleum jelly, for relieving itching
Ointments for burns, cuts
Antiseptic solution
Extra over-the-counter medicine (for colds, allergies, cough)
Aspirin, acetaminophen, antacid tablets
Children's medicines
Diarrhea medication
Feminine hygiene items
Incontinence supplies
Rubbing alcohol
Soap in plastic bags
Moist towelette packets

Other supplies

Medic Alert tags
Hypoallergenic adhesive tape
Cotton-tipped swabs
Sterile rolls
Sterile adhesive bandages
Sterile gauze pads
Roller bandages
Plastic sheeting
Adhesive tape
Safety pins
Latex gloves


Aldine Class of 2006!

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Joey n' his Cuz'n Tiffany

M.O. Campbell Crowd

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If you look real close, you can see that Joey is behind the guy in the white shirt. Just kidding... he is actually one seat over in the row behind him. :)

Aldine Independent School District Commencement Exercises

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Joel Max Torres c/o 2006


Safe Start Press Conference

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Nearly 20 years ago I challenged this city-sponsored group to be present on campuses to help the closing days of school, as a means of becoming a friend and partner to the schools in their area. They formed an annual event called Safe Start for Summer - the Ministers Against Crime at least are bringing up the issue of the value of ministerial oversight.

a mustang for a mustang

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if only Joey knew...


Fwd: needs for Lowell

can u help?

--- Forwarded Message ---
From: SCGreaterLowell@aol.com
Sent: Mon 5/22/2006 4:45 am
To: rmaxtorres@yahoo.com
Subject: needs for Lowell

Hi, received an urgent request from the biggest "helper" to the city of
Lowell during this crunch. The Wish Project. She has the warehouse to store it all
and the means to disperse it, but the needs are this, and urgent, can you
help?? Urgent meaning, by Friday. I don't have Jodie's email at Operation
Blessing, so if you could forward please let me know. There are over 1000 displaced
people right now with no where to go except hotels, organizations are
rebuilding apartment buildings and these are the needs. Thanks so much for any help
you all can be!

Cindi Webster, Director
Somebody Cares Greater Lowell

100 sump pumps (this need is for Lawrence)
100 washing machines
100 dryers
200 pairs of womens/mens jeans
100 hot water heaters for homes
1,000 pairs (yes 1,000) ADULT size, men/women running shoes/sneakers
100 pairs MENS workboots all sizes
1000 disposable razors

That's all she asked for -seems the rest is covered so far. Happy Monday -


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You have new Picture Mail!
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George Martinez preached at Friday Night Alive tonight.


North District Parent/Volunteer Recognition

DeChaumes Elementary
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Folklorico, Ballet & Hip Hop dance crews wowed the crowd @ a Sam Houston HS parent meeting Tuesday morning.


Neighborhood Place Showcase!

Lunch Mariachi Entertainment
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These Mariachi played at "Neighborhood Place" for lunch. This Healthy Marriage Showcase brought trainers and providers from around the U.S. It was a day full of good information that showed us to maintaining our marriages.


San Antonio Landmark!

We checked... there is no basement!
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We took an afternoon walk after a long day of wonderful seminars at the historic St. Anthony Hotel in San Antonio, TX.

Lisa Cummins - UrbanStrategies.us

visit @ http://nationalALMA.org
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Lisa Trevino-Cummins (i call her my cuz'n) presenting @ Hispanic Healthy Marriages for NationalALMA.org which just launched!!! Congrats!


Launch of 2KoolTura.com
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Urban Strategies- Hispanic Healthy Marriage Initiative - San Antonio, Texas

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June 6 2006 info soon

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Drives OK!




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downtown casual...

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Harris County Juvenile Justice Center

1200 Congress


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You have new Picture Mail!
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Dr. Barnwell assessed the situation and it looks like I have some work to do on my back.