Merry Christmas! I can't believe we slept until 3pm!! Of course, we got home from Grandma's at 3am, so maybe it was just trying to catch up. It was good to see family enjoying all the presents and food. I hope yours was as enjoyable. Feliz Navidad!


Just talking to Rudy ( http://harambee.org ) and got the headsup about his Blog... http://urbanonramps.blogspot.com

I also want to encourage you to check out Daniel Savala's site: http://agapeforce.org
This is a good site for the College Student or someone who wants to look at the world with an expanded view based on Christian Literature and non-traditional thinking.

Well, the Christmas Season is definitely Third Coast! the Tropical Feel of the sun and the breeze (40mph) makes me wanna go fly a kite... (ok, no comments from some of you guys out there.)

The DeVos team is moving forward with BreakThrough Plans and the next year promises tons of changes for just about all of us.

Gonna go and redo some of the wonderful work I thought I had already finished [grant requests are strange animals, aren't they?] 2 more days to Christmas!