T.N.T (Dunamis)

tonite the XRD Youth ministry presented a Hallelujah alternative to Halloween. Several Urban Preachers for the hip-hop gen got the rhymes flowin for a wonderful outreach night.

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So help me God.

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This morning I attended a swearing-in ceremony to receive naturalized citizens of the United States of America.
I was invited by Pastor Elizandro Sanabria who moved here from Belize. He serves a community with his congregation here in Houston. Listening to his youthful vision, the U.S.A. Is fortunate to have a service minded person desiring to be part of this nation. As I slowly looked across the full Coliseum I saw husbands, wives, children & friends who were anticipating the oath of allegience that so many would make to this country. With all the political rhetoric surrounding the immigration issues in our country, I admire the tenacity of so many who labored through beuracracies (sp?) and frustrations to arrive at this moment in their process. As the sounds of Loretta Lynn wafted through the air [this is Texas after all], I wondered if
'Coal Miner's Daughter' was appropriate and realized that many of the jobs these new citizens have chosen are as much a benefit to the strength of our nation as were the menial jobs that European arrivals toiled through several centuries ago.
When I returned from my first world travels, I remarked to my father how so many of the things I took for granted here, were absent from the Middle Eastern culture I had been living in. He listened calmly and said these words that I have reiterated so many times since: ''To love America, leave it.''

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Sittin on my Softail!

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Well, the title may be misleading - but suffice it to say that my 52nd Birthday was filled with a wonderful surprise. My BFF&E of 30 years gave me the most incredible hook-up. Thanks Dahlia! The 100 year Anniversary Edition, 2003 Fat Boy is smooooooth with the 1450 c.i. balanced engine and EFI (fuel injection). Even stop lights wouldn't spill my coffee (not that I drink coffee while I'm driving:)

I hope you're enjoying each day that we are given. Lately, I have been reflecting on the sacrifice that my parents experienced as I deal with the students at my school. If you're a parent, know that every miniscule contribution you make into your child's life is critical. Consistency is the key.
I like riding. It gives me time to think and be grateful. I'm not a fair-weather rider. No matter if it is Hot/Cold, Sunny/Cloudy, Day/Night and Dry/Rainy - I wanna ride. In life, I desire to be as consistent. As a parent, I desire to be consistent. As a servant, I am committed to be consistent.


Happy 52nd Bday

2003 100yr Anniversary Fat Boy

thanks Dahlia!

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Living the Legacy!

Reload 2007
Wish you were here!
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ReLoad '07

o yeah!


SHOUT Houston

KSBJ will spotlight a newly established Training Institute called SHOUT! at the October 19, 2007 concert of Casting Crowns. SHOUTHouston.org is sponsored by the DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative in cooperation with the Urban Youth Workers Institute. Come check out our website and consider coming to the RELOAD Conference tomorrow morning at St. John's UMC in downtown Houston (details on the SHOUTHouston.org site).

If you are interested, please send an email to info@shouthouston.org so we can keep in touch with you and plug you into a learning community in your area. See ya at the Well!



Wow! Pow-Wow!

the beat of 1st Nation Hearts

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My City, My God

IBS is allowing Urban Youth Workers Institute (UYWI) to post the designs to gather feedback from teens from our respective youth ministries. IBS needs to choose a cover that will most appeal to urban youth. They have 4 mock-ups and they want our youth to choose which one is best. The rub is we don’t want only youth leaders’ feedback but your teens also.

Please link to their site from your blog or myspace to get your youth’s input on the cover artwork. Thank you in advance for your help and your feedback (as well as the feedback of your youth).    Click HERE to go to the UYWI page.


Invite To Serve Our City

Hello my friends,
It's little things like this that could be of interest for areas that our youth could serve and learn at the same time from other types of ministries and outreaches.  I know all you are truly busy and applying yourselves in ministry, but please avail yourself of this opportunity to either visit, or send a capable person from your ministry who you feel would be responsible enough to report back to you whether this is something you would want to be plugged into.  I know Mike Comiskey, and he is an intensive kind of guy who 'don't play.'  He is a servant with a bold heart for the Lord, as are all of you - which is why I include you in this list.  If you know others who you feel would like to consider this outreach as an avenue for the Body of Christ to CO-labor, please... PASS IT ON.

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From: mike comiskey
Sent: Tuesday, October 2, 2007 12:33:54 AM
Subject: Invite To Serve Our City

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your prayers and interest in "Serve Our City." Serve Our City is an inter-denominational ministry alliance that unites ministry leaders, business professionals and caring individuals through a strategic ministry partnership dedicated to reach out to the hurting and lost in our city for Jesus. By working together we can make a difference for Jesus in far bigger ways than the sum of any one ministry. I believe that it is only through this bond of unity and peer friendship that we can truly model the authentic love of Jesus Christ to a hurting and confused world.

I want to personally invite you to join us for the official launch of Serve Our City which takes place on Thursday, October 25,th at 7:30pm at the Ramada Inn located at 16510 Highway 45 North, Houston, Texas, 77090 (please see attached map). Doug Stringer, president and founder of Turning Point Ministry International, will be our speaker for that night. Also, I would like to invite you to join us over the next three Thursday's (beginning this Thursday October 4 th), at the Ramada Inn, where we will be hosting an exciting "pre-launch" vision casting intensive. There, you will have the opportunity to drink lots of coffee, meet our staff, ask questions, experience dynamic worship and hear more about the vision of Serve Our City and the many ways you can become personally involved.

Like any ministry venture, your active participation is critical for the life, health and continued success of this ministry endeavor. Without your friendship and prayers over the years, the dream of this ministry could not even be realized. I pray you will consider joining us for the pre-launch vision casting time.  If you are not able to make it to the pre-launch, I hope to definitely see you at our official launch on Thursday, October 25th. Thank you again for your love and support. I deeply appreciate your commitment to Jesus and the heart you have to see Christians join together to advance His kingdom. Together we can see great things happen in our city. I pray God's richest blessings over you and your family and I look forward to spending time with you in and through the future events of Serve Our City.

Serving Jesus Together,

Mike Comiskey,

Ministry Director - www.ServeOurCity.com

Little fishies...

I wonder if this is a subliminal for entering Freshmen?

Max [from Treo]

Sr's 2008

Wheatley Seniors gathered to rally for a final push to graduation. Today they wrote down University & Career choices today. Pray for students today to just make it to class on time. Every journey begins with one step.

Max [from Treo]