Merry Christmas! I can't believe we slept until 3pm!! Of course, we got home from Grandma's at 3am, so maybe it was just trying to catch up. It was good to see family enjoying all the presents and food. I hope yours was as enjoyable. Feliz Navidad!


Just talking to Rudy ( http://harambee.org ) and got the headsup about his Blog... http://urbanonramps.blogspot.com

I also want to encourage you to check out Daniel Savala's site: http://agapeforce.org
This is a good site for the College Student or someone who wants to look at the world with an expanded view based on Christian Literature and non-traditional thinking.

Well, the Christmas Season is definitely Third Coast! the Tropical Feel of the sun and the breeze (40mph) makes me wanna go fly a kite... (ok, no comments from some of you guys out there.)

The DeVos team is moving forward with BreakThrough Plans and the next year promises tons of changes for just about all of us.

Gonna go and redo some of the wonderful work I thought I had already finished [grant requests are strange animals, aren't they?] 2 more days to Christmas!


I know, I know... still waiting for me to catch up on the Shenandoah Valley Chapter. Well, I need to take the time to set all the pieces in order. Ever try to describe Shangri-La? let alone say it? let alone spell it? aw, let it alone. This will have to take a while to do, so please hold on while i get pictures and other stuff in order, aight? thanx! Max


One Man's Dream!
Well... just shutting down... 1:21am at home, but 2:21am here at the Hampton Inn. It's been a long day, but the [multiple] power naps have really helped.

I'm glad Mike was willing to get up at 6am to get me to airport across town. Saved the grief of a cab, and leaving a car unused all week. Thanks Mike!

Got to Dulles about 2:45PM (a little late) and the ride to Charlottesville was incredible. Wonderful countryside. Univ of Virginia's hometown is a really cool college town. Cobblestone mall with a variety of shopping choices. I enjoyed the restaurant (flounder with lump crab) and the 2 guys on guitars that were doing their 'live' thing while I kicked down a caraffe of coffee.

Back to 'Hampton Home' on the free trolley and look over some materials for tomorrow and get all of Fred Lynch's "The Epic" web site downloaded to show everyone. (u really oughta chek it).

Good Night/Morning!


One Man's Dream!
Well, today I found out... that at 1:30 this morning Fortino Rodriguez went to join the heavenly choir & orchestra. It is wonderful to see that the daughters and Timmy are accepting this as God's will in their lives. I pray that Elida will be strong through this time. This seems to have caught them all off guard in the past year. Fortino seems to have been waiting for Pastor to come back from vacation. After Pastor visited on Saturday, it seems he felt comfortable in letting go. There are so many who have been impacted by this man and his family. I know my boys were blessed so many times by his generosity. Tomorrow night, I will share my heart and bring hope from God's word to the family. Thank you God for sharing 'Tim' with us in such a wonderful life since he accepted You as his Lord and Redeemer! Amen

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Well, tonight was the BIG CELEBRATION for David & Debbie! At Uncle Bay's house everyone had such a wonderful time, and the weather was great, barring a few very busy mosquitoes. Up until 5pm it was raining, but cleared up for everyone's arrival and enjoyment. The FAMILY continues to be so supportive and celebrate each other! At the end of the evening, the rains came back! We hustled to get the tables and chairs off the deck so they wouldn't blow into the bay. Fortunately, after 30 minutes it turned back into a wonderful evening as the squall blew through. So Michael, Sean and Jamie got busy fishing the night away. Tomorrow, the celebrations continue as Uncle Joe's Retirement Celebration starts in the morning. Family is a wonderful thing.


Well, just had to get into the BLOG of things. Listserve it may not be, but I will encourage you to join me in making this our communication method of choice.... no forwards! Original or plagiarized material ONLY! :)