If you are a (FIFA) soccer afficionado, you may have already seen this video, but if not... take a peek (click here:Roofball)


My Hero - walks it out!

Thursday Dad walked around a bit and made everyone happy with the progress... Friday, he had a smashing repeat performance. He did get in trouble from his therapists about trying to get up on his own yet, while unsupervised, without developing his strength a little more. Thanks to everyone who is praying for the renewing of his speech and movement. His spirit is strong, and he is working hard with the therapists, and even when he is supposed to be relaxing. This location has wonderful staff, and I'm glad they are pushing my Pops to achieve his dream of going home soon! To those who are uniting in prayer for his recovery - Thank You!

[and for those who are wondering... NO, he did not just get a chanclaso from the therapist. She was just getting him ready to go down the hall. :) ]


Stepping it up!

Well - Mom said that she got to watch Dad walk today... bending his right knee and everything!!! Can't hardly wait to see him tomorrow and watch the action!

Thank You to all who are supporting in every way. I ask that you remember Dahlia's father as well... he will have heart related surgery on Monday, February 25, 2008. Serious - and of great concern. Any word of encouragement you can give her is appreciated.

Gracias a todos!


I think, therefore I am.  At least I think I am... I think

Well, I just sat down in a wi-fi spot for the first time in many months. I am driving my Hero's car now - on a rainy day - just because I have that flexibility/option on a rainy day in Houston. My pops has a nice little 4-door 5-speed little Hyundai that is nearly as economical as my 2003 Fatboy. His car is what I am driving now between Houston & San Antonio.

I showed up at a local coffee shop that supports the arts and am sitting in the midst of a NALIP (out of L.A.) meeting. Latino film production and film making and the arts have a Houston Face. The crowd is mostly 20-somethings directors, movie-makers, composers, and producers that is headed mostly by a few graying (some bound in ponytail) heads.

The ambience is wonderful and encouraging. I hope that one day I will look back to this accidental/providential night and say, "I remember that young producer's name from that rainy night in the East End of Houston."

I digress from my original purpose for stopping in to blog... and as I go back to my mental drudgery, I hope that your day has been filled with moments of time where you have found yourself pondering your opportunities and how to overcome your challenges.

I'm grateful for this venue of WorldWideWeb-presence to post the ramblings of One Man's Dream.


My dad had a good morning in physical & speech therapy. Thanks to all who pray. <Pax><


His eye is on the sparrow...

... and I know He cares for me.
Beginning Tuesday (1/29/08), a series of events began that led to my Thursday time of reflection being focused on the "Trials of Job." I soliliquized the theology of 'trials' in our lives. God was preparing me for the news I received Friday morning (2/1/08).
My mother providentially stayed home from work that morning. My father had a stroke which left him unable to call for help. If my mother had gone to work as expected my trip to San Antonio Friday morning would have probably been under much different circumstances.
My loving Dad, provider-defender-teacher-inspiration, is now in Southeast Baptist Hospital in San Antonio. We await results from a second MRI and EEG which will better define the debilitating impact of that stroke. The current prognosis will have us moving to a Rehab Center on Monday where he will probably undergo a few months of readaptation to deal with the current paralysis in his right side and inability to speak.
But my father is alive, and God is still on the throne.
If your faith leads you, please join our family in believing God for my Dad's recovery. He has always been my mom's support through her numerous serious medical encounters over the last few decades. The 'super-man,' that has always left me marvelling at his incredible work ethic, will now need complete care for his every physical need. Mom is recovered from her flu symptoms, but will be unable to care for Dad's complete convalescence. We need wisdom about our upcoming decisions.
My heart was prepared as I put my trust in God's complete care on Thursday morning. On today, I rely on those who have encouraged us with prayer and expressions of confidence in a Loving Creator.


Please pray for my Dad who had a stroke yesterday. He is resting at hospital in San Antonio. Thank you.