An emotional moment with these two veterans of the gospel. Posted by Hello

That smile is as wide as a country mile! Grandpa was glad to be around his family on this holiday. Posted by Hello

Bobby rolls up with Grandpa Posted by Hello

Full grill for the ~nth!~ time. Posted by Hello

Recycled wheelbarrow... Joe & Maya Posted by Hello

Grandpa and his first grandson, Leroy Posted by Hello

Good Hempstead Sandia Posted by Hello

Un poquito de fajitas Posted by Hello

Vonnie is the official food cutter upper! Posted by Hello

Este es la buena vida! Posted by Hello

Grandpa & his first granddaughter Posted by Hello

Grandpa finishing up his sandia. Posted by Hello


BBQ for the family

BBQ for the family

Grandpa Menchaca's great-grandson, Michael (my son), was the BBQ chef this memorial day. His son & granddaughter were also beside him enjoying the family time together. Check out Bobby's page for more details of grandpa's recovery: http://spaces.msn.com/members/menchacafamily/

Grandpa Menchaca & children

Grandpa with Bobby & Maya

Great weather for family time.

Grandpa Menchaca

Grandpa Menchaca out on Memorial Day

It was a joy to see Grandpa Menchaca stop by and wrestle down a bit of barbeque and some watermelon. We all had a better time knowing this pioneer and patriarch was in good spirits and enjoying family and food. (not necessarily in that order)


en mi guion.. lo que paso

YOUVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!!!! write it differently!

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> I read de un hablador
> en el servicio funebre.
> hablando del difuncto,
> todos sus dias.
> noto que nacio.
> llorando hablo de sus años.
> (64 años en total)
> el total de tiempo en la tierra
> solo los quien la conocieron entienden su sacrificio de amor.
> no importa las cosas que tenemos
> solo como pasamos los dias en la tierra.
> piensa profundamente...
> no sabiendo el mañana,
> ¿que cambiarias?
> si consideras,
> y entendeis de otros...
> lentos para la ira,
> llevando las cargas de otros
> amando nuestro projimo
> Like we've never loved before.
> portanse bien considerando el uno al otro
> la vida es corta para estar peleando sobre cosas inutiles.
> tan especial eres, que las personas en tu vida
> pensaron de ti.
> I'M contento tu estas en mis momentos


A Picture Share!
Originally uploaded by rmaxt.
National Youth Day 2005
The Tabernaculo Youth Ministry dug deep and presented an incredible night of worship & surrender on May 22, 2005. Mike Fernandez & the Impact Now! team was also there to recognize the wonderful contributions this group of young people has made over the last several decades... approaching $17,000 of giving to Missionaries through the Speed-the-Light outreach. Keep it up!... SERIOUSLY!

Aldine 4-H Banquet

A Picture Share!
Originally uploaded by rmaxt.
Saturday, May 21, 2005 6pm
Thanks Smiley for inviting me to speak to these incredible young people and wonderful volunteers. It was an emotional evening dedicated in honor of a community volunteer who lost his life this last year. His son received a great number of awards, as well as did many other outstanding teens.


Texas State Capital Dome

My silohuette on the dome!

Government in action day in Austin TX with Urban Youth Development students who participated May 12, 2005.


My Night Light

My mighty Night Light

This casts the most pleasing hue of light in the waning hours of every evening.


Tai Pei Starbucks

Tai Pei Starbucks

Took a minute to check in before the 10 hour flight from TaiPei/Chiang
Kai-Shek Airport to Seattle... Some things stay the same... Coffee, for

Starbucks is starbucks is starbucks!

You know... I guess the biggest dissapointment in this trip is that the Starbucks is just about IDENTICAL to anyone I have ever seen in U.S.  Jakarta was good... Had my traditional Chai, but the difference there was that they used the tea bags instead of the Tazo syrup, and the soy was not as rich. [Guess they ship the better stuff out to us.]

Sitting in TaiPei right now, and enjoying a Black Eye for the 14 hour trip ahead as I go to the Starbucks Mecca... Seattle.  I wonder if there will be a Starbucks in the airport there... You think?

Well.. Only a few more hours (about 28 by the clock, 36 by the body) left to travel!

  -the other coffee guy...


Did u know?

Some things I have learned...
People will walk around with their cell phone ring tones blaring for no reason whatsoever... Not talking about songs... Just the beeps!  go figure!



Kona Intercession

Jakarta, Indonesia
Wednesday 10am
I just finished spending a few minutes with James ‘Jim’ Orred who works with YWAM [Youth With A Mission] in Kona, Hawaii.  It is wonderful to know that new and exciting things are happening all over the planet, and there is a trust and hope in divine providence.  When ever you need to take a trip to an exciting field of operations... I think the quote was “We are waiting for the Latino people to come and help us all over the world to bring their passion”

More later...


World Harvest Center Indonesia!

This morning we arrived at the World Harvest Center drinking a can of Pocari Sweat!  This is a wonderful place with wireless internet café in the foyer of the Center.

This morning we translated for 2 hours and going for another afternoon of more declarations of what God is doing ALL OVER the Planet!

-Max (in Jakarta)


Jakarta Update!

Well, I’m here in Jakarta...   Santika Hotel... In Indonesia.

Finished the first morning of prelim meetings, on our way to the cultural celebration by Indonesian worshippers where we will worship God!

More about this later on tonight!