Wedding Bells a Ringin'

as the sun sets on the division champ Cachorros, Calvin & Christina are ready to go get married.

Max [from Treo]

Forty Years... 2 Generations

by Diane Brask
NNYM-National Rural Network Coordinator

Exactly forty years ago, a generation did what every generation of young people have always done after a long summer of fun: they returned to school, went to college, got a job, married their sweetheart, or went into the military.
However, this was not just any summer. It was the summer of ’67.

The season was ripe for change. A growing number of that younger generation were discontented, and wanted to reject the American way of life as they saw it then. It was only 2½ years after the Watts riots in Los Angeles, and 3½ years after our nation’s president (JFK) was assassinated. More American troops were being sent to Vietnam to fight what most Americans thought was a senseless, no-win war.

Young people wanted to make a difference in a country that they saw rife with problems of racism, capitalism, materialism, and imperialism. They didn’t trust our nation’s government, they didn’t agree with their parents’ values, and the voice of the church seemed irrelevant and out of touch with their lives.

So in 1967, 100,000 young people, ages 15-25 from all over America, converged on the Haight-Ashbury area of San Francisco to launch what was coined the “Summer of Love.” It was that generation’s statement to their nation that things were messed up and needed to change.

The only problem was they were messed up too. Once they arrived in San Francisco, they experimented with LSD, pot, casual sex, Eastern Mysticism, and whatever else they felt like. What was billed as a “summer of peace and love” turned into a summer of chaos and disillusionment.

By the fall of 1967, many leaders of the counterculture movement realized that the experiment had backfired. Instead of peace, there was increased crime, riots, drug addictions, broken hearts, and aimless young people.

Some of the hippies declared their own death on October 6, 1967. They had a mock funeral procession through the streets of San Francisco that they called... (FULL ARTICLE PDF DOWNLOAD HERE)


Christina's representin'

when I arrived at the bride's house in Chicago, culture was front and center.... Viva Mexico!

Max [from Treo]

Chicago - Midway!

As I travel, I notice that just about every airport has some unique sculpture, art or theme that intrigues me (except IAH -yawn) ... So can I ask you Chicago locals, or traveling vets... what is this thing in Midway Airport?

I flew in for Calvin and Christina's wedding on September 29, 2007.  Both of these young people have the Call of God on their lives and I would like to invite you to join me in praying for their lives and ministry.  Each of them are truly gifted in reaching the hearts of young people, and as they raise their own family it is critical that they continue being Salt & Light in the face of every adversity.

Dear Loving God, in your mercies, give Calvin & Christina wisdom to seek the depth, width and breadth of your love.

O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out!

[Romans 11;33]

Max [from Treo]


Family photo SLIDEshow

Just found this pretty cool SLIDE application... try it!


New Intro Leopard 9a559

taking cautious padded steps toward OSX Leopard


Wheatley Wildcat Volleyball

the ladies volleyball team (in white) plays thei first district game this afternoon - results to follow

Max [from Treo]


Pastor's Day dinner

a large number of my postings have been about food - this one will join those ranks.

For a second time this Sunday the church celebrated Pastor's Special Day with a meal. I am always impacted by the import of food in communicating a beneficial message. The Biblical reference to a Wedding Feast is key is a pleasing thought when you consider the planning & investment required to bring together many who desire to gather in Celebration.
Selah - PAX,
Max [from Treo]


Dessert - sweet stuff

Wifey and I had dinner tonight with Mike & Chantal and then the waiter showed up with this incredible plate.

Max [from Treo]


True Colors - Green

our work training today included personality profile analysis training called 'True Colors'

I'm a GREEN!  (with a sub-dominant GOLD indicator)
[for the DISC savvy, a High I with a sub-D]

I am: conceptual, collected, rational, inventive, global
I do: marshaling, explaining, designing, thinking, reasoning
Green Leaders: Expect Intelligence & Competence; Assume task relevancy; seek ways to improve systems; Are visionary; Encourages change for improvement; Analytical approach; Constantly "in process" of change; Expects people to follow-through

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In times of sorrow -

- the family of God supports each other.

When this couple was returning from a recent trip to Dallas, they were involved in a fatal car crash where the husband was tragically killed.

Interestingly, on one night of that trip he was gripped as watched Billy Graham preach on True Repentance. As they drove back to Houston he was listening & singing with a radio station playing 'at the Cross, where I first saw the light.' then the wreck occurred.

Noel Sandoval, Rest in the Lord!

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The Orange Show Museum

only in Houston! http://www.orangeshow.org

This morning, on my way to a meeting, i attempted for the first time to visit the Orange Show. Well, it was not to open until noon on Saturdays. I missed it! This Houston phenomenon has influenced eclectic art in the Art Car Show for decades. I met some neighbors who grew up visiting this place from their childhood. The most intriguing thing they shared is that at the end of the 'Museum' tour you actually get an orange. I'm rescheduling to visit again when it's open. [from Treo]

Wheatley Reach Out to Dropouts

This Saturday volunteers knocked on doors to recover students that have not yet enrolled for this school year. My Alpha Team did an excellent job. Of all the homes we visited, most were still resting that early in the morning, and the one that did answer the door was unfortunately a groggy family member. I appreciate the effort and spirit with which the teachers, administrators, community volunteers and students gave their time to reach out to this population.

I am reminded of the quote, "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men (and women) to do nothing."

Overshadowed -

Today as we reached out to the community, we were struck by the urban blight images that are constantly before the lives of this community. Words like 'ghetto' and ''to' up'' were being muttered quietly as we walked through the neighborhood. [from Treo]

Apologetics and Evangelism Interviews

This is another recommended video from www.Thomisttacos.com

Wake Up!

Ray Ciervo brings up the importance of preparing ourselves with a solid perspective on our Worldview...


Hispanic Family Conference - Breaking News

Hispanic Family Conference - Breaking News
"There is Hope"
September 25th-26th, 2007
Grand Plaza Hotel - Houston, TX
(click title above for link)


The future is NOW!

after school music programs help form the artistic minds of the future... March On!

Max [from Treo]

Grateful for small miracles -

Grateful for small miracles -
Originally uploaded by rmaxtorres.
At least it didn't spill on me while I was driving!!
I usually don't like to drink HOT coffee while I am driving just in case it spills... so today I waited until I got to 'work.' As I headed to the school building, my tall dark-roast coffee succumbed to the laws of gravity and demonstrated the liquid properties of my treasured beverage by spreading across the parking lot.
A student who observed the event shared his wisdom - "That was that expensive ~brandname~ coffee. You should have just saved your money and made some at home." To which I replied, "..but I wanted to get to school on time. I guess I'll just have to get up earlier."
From the mouth of babes often comes wisdom! Earlier to bed, earlier to rise, and brew my own dark roast the way I like it. Gracias mijito! I accept your rebuke.
It's a principal of my life: It's all good.
Something good's gonna happen today.