Mentor's Needed

Hello one and all...
Project Grad Houston has a mentoring program at Wheatley & Reagan High Schools here in Houston and are in need of mentors. If you are interested in this opportunity, please visit their web-site and apply with them. I know I need you at Wheatley!!!! Thanks for considering it!

Project Grad - GEAR UP Mentoring

Quarterbacking While Mexican

Please take an opportunity to visit Rudy Carrasco's Urban OnRamps weB-LOG to check out this (and many other) poignant articles: Quarterbacking While Mexican [USC's Mark Sanchez] has created a media frenzy by simply wearing a mouthpiece that connects to his cultural heritage.

other news: USC Scout


Low Performance..

Without apologizing, simply informing, I want to make sure I direct any visitors to meaningful input at the links over here on your right.
Especially take a look at the postings from Chris Brooks, Jeremy Del Rio, Rudy Carrasco & John Liotti .

Max -the Fat Boy-


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Jonny Cochran singing Empty Chairs at Empty Tables from Les Miserables. 2007 Clear Brook Choir Pop Show.

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Here's my nephew Jonathan singing from Le' Miserable

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