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Succesful removal of ACL. Praying for infection to cease.

Thanks for believing with us.

A Picture Share!

Succesful removal of ACL. Praying for infection to cease.
Thanks for believing with us.

A Picture Share!

Erik is gonna have to let the doc take another peek in his low knee... not his high knee.

A Picture Share!

Kentaro Homma from Japan. Going back tomorrow. What a hard worker.
Looks pretty good in his cowboy hat!
he is a famous actor and has starred in Christian films.


On the other side of Rita

What a wonder! The orchestration of God's handiwork in the last week has been no less than Phenomenal! As I watch the news reports on all the local channels, and national weather channels, I am amazed how God has been merciful to Houston.

Yesterday as I co-labored with members of a team from Japan, we loaded food donated by Rock City Church in Baltimore from a warehouse managed by a Pastor & his wife from Australia into a van donated from a New York ministry to deliver to a hotel in Conroe full of evacuees from Katrina(Louisiana) & Rita(Houston) I marveled at God's Goodness! When we arrived in Conroe, I chatted for a while with a number of the pilgrims and heard gratitude from them all. A young Red Cross Volunteer from San Bernardino, CA had staged a relief triage in the lobby of the Ramada Hotel and voiced a plea on KSBJ Radio for food. Another person in New Waverly donated the gasoline for the 1-ton gas guzzling van. One man at the hotel succumbed to the emotional tension and sobbed that he had not slept for 3 days and his family were experiencing medical problams, but he was touched with gratitude by the compassion of the Somebody Cares network and the willingness to share with so many people in need.

To God be the Glory! Now we are positioning for relief efforts and the most expressed need is the request for non-perishable food-stuffs. Please send any relief supplies to the Somebody Cares warehouse in Houston. PLEASE, NO CLOTHES at this time. We have hundreds of pallets of clothes that are taking up valuable floor space that has been donated in 2 warehouses. If anyone has an extra propane tank for a forklift, we could use 2 spare tanks to be able to refill and continue working after running out as we load and arrange these warehouses.

Financial contributions can be made to Somebody Cares online at http://www.somebodycares.org to facilitate efforts in all ministry and relief staging areas across the country and internationally {as we did in Indonesia after the tsunami}.

Thanks for following this ministry, and please pray for our family as we extend into new areas of our ministry and partner with Somebody Cares. I will tell more of that amazing story later...


Max & Dahlia


Re: LABI Rita Relief Efforts

if you have prior notice of people traveling to SA today, I have 40000 lb of honey wheat bread. (size of bolillos) you are welcome to send someone to pick up @ 4501 South Pinemont #114 (off clay rd) on their way to LABI. You can try to call me @ 713,927,3800 or SMS at same number.

pray that God will allow us to be a resource for those who endure Rita.

giga bendiciones,
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From: "Monte Madsen" <president@labitx.org>
Sent: Thu 9/22/2005 9:22 am
Subject: LABI Rita Relief Efforts

Good morning!

LABI is preparing for another group of people fleeing the onslaught of yet
another huge hurricane. We will be expecting approximately 50 people from 5
of our Gulf Latin churches in the greater Houston area to be arriving today
filling our dorms to capacity. Thank God that we have the means to help in
this time of need. Thanks to so many of you who have given and the Gulf
Latin District who is supporting this effort. We are also thankful for the
success of our building program over the last two years that has made the
30% extra room possible for the New Orleans and Houston evacuees. These
circumstances are also giving us a good picture of what LABI will look like
filled to capacity with students! With your prayers of faith combined with
ours, we believe that we are not only going to survive these circumstances,
but thrive. So, lift up a prayer for these good people. This has been a
living object lesson for our students of what ministry to people is all
about. We love and appreciate you.

In His Service,

Monte Madsen, President
Latin American Bible Institute
10822 FM 1560 San Antonio, TX 78254
Phone: 210-688-3101 Fax: 210-688-3104


KSBJ @ Astroworld

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Toby Mac sang @ KSBJ's Cards for Katrina Concert at Astroworld. It was the last concert held there!



A Picture Share!

A Picture Share!
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Erik is going into surgery. :-)


One Week

It's wonderful how things always seem to work out. It's almost as if... God has a plan.

Big Rig truckers are doubling up their loads to bring along supplies to be delivered to the Gulf Coast recovery efforts.

Please pray for all the workers as they try to keep hope alive in the hearts of these families who have lost everything.

Tomorrow will be Erik's ACL surgery. Dunno anyone actually reads to the end of these postings, but if you get a chance... pray for him.



It's almost as if . . .

. . . God has a plan!
For weeks I have anticipated something impactful in my life to occur because that is the way that I know God does things.

I have been a Project Assistant for the Urban Youth Development Program of 4-H since Feb 2003. As my contract drew to a close Aug. 31, 2005 I was facing a time of decision. The only problem with that was deciding what to decide upon!! In my whole life, I have only sought employment on two occasions: 1) In 1973 I worked for Montgomery Wards for 3 months during the Christmas Rush assembling bicycles instead of flipping burgers for my parents in our family run Orange Julius. Not an easy job... I had to read the instructions! Then in the '80s I sought employment in San Antonio as a machinist after the oil crunch. Other than those times, work has always sought me out.

On September 1, I drove by the Somebody Cares office and saw the beehive of activity of volunteers in relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina Survivors. Opting to stay for a while, I left around 6 hours later. Sept 2 was another 14 hours, and with the opportunities to expand operations to the 'Pinemont Palace', Sept 3 was again a full Saturday of relief efforts. Yesterday's Labor Day holiday was another display of God's Sovereignty as we received and distributed gift cards, 1000 cots, clothes & water. Last night, God showed off with another miracle as he provided resources for another full day of card distribution. Regardless of the size of the organization, God has seen fit to provide the resources for recovery & relief to several thousand people in less than a week.

If you would donate, please make contributions online or mail to the Somebody Cares office. Info is available at http://www.somebodycares.org

... gonna take another short nap! God Bless You!


Somebody Cares!

Young and Old alike stood in long lines outside, only to come inside for more long lines... but we took opportunity to share and rejoice in testimonies of how God has been merciful in delivering and providing!

Prayerfully consider donating online {CLICK HERE} for these relief efforts

Hurricane Katrina Relief


For those of you who would like to volunteer your time or resources to help those who survived the loss of all they own and are now living with little or nothing as a result of this devastation, come to http://www.somebodycares.org and click on the link to Hurricane Katrina Relief.

Things that we are needing on a daily basis:
* Gift Card from Wal-Mart where they can buy gas, food & clothes
* Gas Cards they can use to go to other cities where housing and jobs may be available
* Bottled water
* Toiletry Kits for women and men
* Socks & Undergarments [new ones please!!] for all ages (clothes are being distributed through churches)
* School supplies

Understand that this ordeal will continue for months, possibly even years for some of these families. Please ask God to direct you where you could be involved in serving them and being a tangible expression of God's Love.

You can donate to Somebody Cares at our new Relief Location:
4501 S. Pinemont, Suite 114. (@ Clay Road) or online at www.somebodycares.org
YMCA's & KSBJ are also accepting donations for Somebody Cares.

Thanks for helping!

Max 713.927.3800 katrinarelief@rmaxtorres.com


Soaring Prices in time of Crisis!

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Stretching a dollar.

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In the morning gas was $2.51/gallon for regular, by 2pm, it had switched to $2.95!!! Obvious need for good mechanics with ingenious carbeuration skills.