Radio & TV Voiceovers!

Radio Lounge
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they always said I had a good face for radio! It's an afternoon at Radio Lounge recording studio to do a voiceover recording for Moody Gardens in the Summer of 2006. I've never made a commercial before, but this was easier than I thought! My voice is the bi-lingual dad for a family that is deciding to go to Moody Gardens this summer. I think the big promo is for June 28 through July 29. Look/Listen for it on spanish & english tv & radio this summer! C'ya at the Gardens!


Peace Tree Dedication on Arbor Day!

SHHS Students plant the Peace Tree
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Max & Dahlia stood at Sam Houston High School, 9400 Irvington in Houston, TX on April 28, 2006 to commemoratively plant the Peace Tree. Small amounts of soil from area schools & student's neighborhoods were poured at the base of the tree to symbolically plant this tree today. All of the students commit to living in Peace with each other, and the community as a whole.
The goal is to plant a Peace Tree in every community... in Houston... Texas... America... and the World.

The Peace Tree Project

Commemorative Plaque!
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The Peace Tree
It's trunk symbolizes our established foundation,
because what we desire first is our education.
It's branches which extend and reach,
Demonstrate each teacher's ambitions to enlighten and teach.
It's fresh green leaves are our power and goal,
And show we can all get to the top if we are productive and believe in our heart and soul.
As the tree grows, we grow, and as it works diligently to reach the sky,
We work excessively to score extremely high.
In the future we can all examine this tree and reminisce,
on our existence and achievements we have made on our school,
and as this tree puts forth effort to make new emerald leaves,
We too will prosper and flourish a new level of skills, knowledge and excellence.

by Erika Jaimes


The Peace Tree

This is a special invitation to those in the Houston Area for this Friday:

The Houston Area Outreach Coalition and Sam Houston H.S. are working together to unite the city of Houston through the Peace Tree Garden Dedication for Friday, April 28 at 9:30 a.m. at Sam Houston H.S. 9400 Irvington Blvd. Community leaders, parents and students will bring a small bag of soil from their neighbor'hoods' to put around a special tree planted in front of Sam Houston High that will have the following quote on a brass plaque at the base of the tree,

“Our children will rest
in the shade of the tree
we plant today...
The Peace Tree. “

In a time when senseless violence and needless deaths are occurring among today’s youth over invisible issues, many have said that this generation is aimless and without hope.

"As youth that believe in the tribal adage that 'Our children will rest in the shade of the tree we plant today,' we come together and combine soil from our individual areas as a representative foundation for a tree that will give future generations protection and shade in which to rest."

We pledge to nurture this tree with our commitment to being a generation of hope and leaving a legacy of peace for OUR children! Please read the following article from the Houston Chronicle highlighting this event which will be attended by many dignitaries, including many city leaders. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/nb/aldine/news/3800352.html

This is a program that we plan to have implemented throughout the city along with the Be S.M.A.R.T. ( Successful, Motivated, Active, Responsible Teens) program.

Thank you for your support on this important project. Special thanks to Sandy & Arnold Farris, Luis & Priscilla Palomo, Ms. Tello & SHHS Staff, and most importantly... the Sam Houston Be S.M.A.R.T. students!


HGAC Game Face

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Sandy Farris & Ms. Tello prepare to defend a grant request for Sam Houston High. Safe & Drug Free Schools awards grants to support programs like Be S.M.A.R.T.


City Impact Roundtable

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these guys talked about blogging @ the CIR.




Cedar Rapids, Iowa - Quaker Oats Home City

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Quaker Oats is based here in Cedar Rapids. Good childhood memories of hot oatmeal in the morning!! My 3 day stay here was a memorable one! Thanks God.


Cedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids
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City Reaching Roundtable in Cedar Rapids, Iowa


El Payasito Olivin

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Payasito Olivin came to El Tabernaculo today! This brother ministers to other clowns on a national level in Mexico & other Latin American countries.

El Payasito Olivin visito la Iglesia El Tabernaculo en 2 de Abril, 2006.
Este ministerio alcansa a miles de niƱos al rededor del mundo.

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