Election 2008 - The Game!

Election 2008 - the game! (nice claymation)

I'll tell the full story in a moment, but this MOST history-making election in the life of this existing generation has led some people to make the most amazing declarations in the name of their 'choice.' I've heard some recent mentions to the plight of a nation who chose to leave the 'rigidity' of a Theocracy for their Autonomy as a people - and they reaped what they sowed. Somewhere I have read, "The heart is wicked above all things, who can know it." On our best day, we most likely should not choose to presume that we know the WHOLE PLAN. Western 'civilization' (dubious) has presumed it's way into one mess after another since we have believed our own rhetoric about being the Greatest Nation on Earth. If great means SIZE, a few other land masses hold one or two other countries bigger than the Good, Old, U. S. of A. If great means NUMBER, shut up! We're killin em bout as fast as we can. If great means ACCOMPLISHMENT, there's a little rock that rebounded after an atomic near-annihilation that makes some of the most sought after technology on the planet. What have we done for our nation [and our neighbor] lately?

Someone sneered at a remark I made the other day when I quoted a favorite speaker/author/servant/martyr, "He who would be great, must be the servant of all." Serving your fellow man is one of the costliest actions we will ever take in life. It means deposing our own kingdoms (little k) in deference to The Kingdom (MOST capital K!)! Siding with a political party, ethnic culture, religious clique or rebellious rabble in the name of being RIGHT is, in my mind, ASSuming toooo much.

And now, as Paul Harvey says, "The REST of the story..."
As I bemoan my plight of a busy schedule, I so regret not taking care of one major piece of paperwork. While working in California in 2007, I voted in a local election. In Texas a few weeks ago, I heard a news story reminding all to make the Monday deadline to register - so went online to verify my voting status here in Harris County. Well, long story short - I didn't get away from the 'Tyranny of the Urgent" in the lives of these wonderful children at the school where I work. I missed the deadline to change my voting privileges to the area where I live. I missed the deadline to mail in a vote. Unless I jump on a plane and fly in to the NorCal/Bay Area on Tuesday and stumble down to East Palo Alto, CA 94303 - I miss the opportunity to vote in this MOST history-making election in the life of this existing generation.

Can you be encouraged to make your vote count? I don't know very many people who are apathetic about this election. Some are Laodicean in light of the perceived impact of 'just my little vote, ' but will you hear the heart of a wistful voter - VOTE!

When you have opportunity - check out the dialogue on this posting: Do U C What I C - and weigh in with your thoughts.

[if I find a buddy pass to San Jose Airport, I'll amend my pathetic story - meanwhile - PRAY for a Divine Direction in your heart as you go to the polls this Tuesday.]

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